2Q 2022 Statistics

Dear EvenFi investor community, One more time we are happy to share our statistics and highlights of the second quarter of 2022.
Despite the current context, it was another great quarter:   
• We opened our first CrowdEquity campaign and its doing great thanks to all of you.
If you haven't invested so far, we would love to have you onboard as a partner: https://www.wearestarting.it/offering/evenfi

• We implemented withholding taxes for Italian investors SOSTITUTO D'IMPOSTA providing a great benefit for investors that makes life easier for everyone!
More information here: https://web.evenfi.com/blog/dichiarazione-dei-guadagni-come-pagare-le-tasse-sugli-investimenti-online

 • Our platform has allowed our almost 20 thousandinvestors community members to invest in total more than €25 million sincelaunch (Almost €4.7 million during the second quarter of 2022)
•  As of June 2022, we have already financed almost €18 million in over 202 loans supporting more than +140 companies (almost 30%of our loans have met the UN Sustainable Development Goals).
• Our secondary market traded almost €600,000 in June and has reached a total volume since launch of more than €7 million.
• Theplatform offer right now several investment loans products for investors to diversify their risk: loans for SMEs, bridging loans for start-ups, dynamicloans for ecommerce and companies with recurring revenues, real estate loans,venture debt for start-ups in expansion stage and, finally, buy now pay laterand advance of recurring revenues for companies (Composite).
• Finally, we have implemented several improvements in the secondary and the marketplace so that users can sell alltypes of loans and that its easier to invest in the platform. 

In terms of portfolio, its important to highlight thefollowing Investors have received from companies almost €6million in principal and €1 million in interest since April 2020

• Principalrepaid represents 32% of total loans originated! 32 projects were fully repaidits principal to investors (almost 20% of projects originated!)

• Net return since April 2020 for investors that participated with the same amount inall our projects is close to 5% (this calculation is net of losses due to problematic loans.
Depending on the problem of each project we assign adifferent valuation. Please see notes below the table for more information). 

One more time (sorry for bringing it again!), I want toinsist in the importance of diversification.
Please diversify as much as possible! We prepared this blog in case you want toread more: https://web.evenfi.com/blog/qual-e-la-migliore-strategia-per-investire-online 
Thanks again for being part of EvenFi’s community! Pleasesend us all the feedback and comments you have.


Federico Shaw
EvenFi CFO

(*) Return (net of losses) for loans originated on each year. Valuation of recovery and delayed loans based on Criptalia internal methodology
(Defaulted loans are valued between 0 and 30%, +90 days delayed loans at 30% to 70%, Current loans with past problems 80-100%. The exact valuation depends on the situation of the Company and if the project has a guarantee)
(**) Loans originated on each year that have payment delays of more than 90 days or payment delay of more than 30 days and are problematic

*The statistics will be updated in a quarterly basis.
This information is updated until July 2022