Statistics and Highlights until March 2024

  • Total investment in the platform reached €42.925 million since launch.
  • We have already financed over €28.456 million in 417 loans supporting more than 260 companies.
  • Investors have received from companies almost €19.646 million in principal and €2.1 million in interest since April 2020.
  • Tech KPIs: the platform has processed almost 2.2 million payments since its launch in 2020, and investors have done +191k subscriptions in the different loans.
  • Our secondary market has reached a total volume launch of more than €12.49 million.

It remains crucial to stress that:

  • This is a risky alternative investment asset class. Small companies and Startups are more exposed to business cycles, don't have different business lines, the access to liquidity, and negotiation power to be able to navigate bad economic situations or problems with their business as more prominent companies does.
  • These statistics are indicative only, do not reflect the return of each investor (depends on each investor's portfolio), and may be subject to unwanted errors. For more accurate portfolio return figures, we suggest investors to make their calculations. All payout information for all projects is public and available to all registered users of the platform.
  • Importance of diversification. Please diversify as much as possible. In your total investments and your investments in our platform. We prepared this blog in case you want to read more:
EvenFi Stats

(*) Loans / Projects (and amounts of those loans) originated on each year that have payment delays of more than 90 days
(**) Total Interest or principal paid by borrowers on loans originated on the year(*) Total Amount outstanding on projects originated on the year
(****) Projected return based on all monthly flows of portfolio (- investments, + interest + repayments + EUR BONUS) assuming that performing loans continue paying as scheduled. Flows of late loans are adjusted based on EvenFi's internal methodology. Cash flow calculation used for the return includes what all users received in EUR BONUS from different EVENFI marketing campaigns (Tier, Referral, etc).EvenFi’s internal methodology: Current loans are valued at 100%. Starting from 15 days late we start decreasing valuation. The exact valuation depends on how many days late is the loan and if the project has a guarantee but we cant share it because this can jeopardize the recovery efforts of our portfolio. Performance are no guarantee of future results

Raised Capital in the Platform

*The statistics will be updated monthly basis.
This information is updated until March 2024