The investment platform for the real economy.

EvenFi was founded in Italy in 2018 with the aim of democratising finance through technology.
Our mission is to create a new financial future: simpler, free and decentralised.

Our work is driven above all by the conviction that investing in the growth projects of valuable enterprises means triggering a virtuous circle capable of having a positive impact on the real economy.
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Our values

Our values define us: they influence our identity and that of the products we offer and guide the way we relate to our customers.
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We believe that one of the fundamental values in the financial world is transparency, so we provide investors with the necessary tools to best assess the projects we propose.
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Customers First
We aim to provide our customers with a first-class service that can match their growth plans.
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Opportunities for everyone
We believe that investments can represent opportunities for everyone, without costs or fees.
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Agile and user-friendly
No waiting in queues or for periodically down servers! Our platform is equipped with lightning-fast services to keep your business running at top speed!
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Skin in the Game
We invest in all projects on our Marketplace. We are the first to believe in the value of the companies we select!
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Be Useful
We help to improve our community by financing projects with a strong social impact.

Our journey so far

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8M finanziati in 70 aziende
There's transactions flying across the globe, and we couldn't be happier. All thanks to you, our customers!
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Awarded best fintech product experience by FZA
We take user experience and being the best very very seriously, and it's an honour to have this be recognised.
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Opened 1700 offices across 31 countries
We're a big hotshot international bank now--with offices around the whole world. Take us travelling with you!
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Sponsored the New York Jets for 2019 season
The team that won our hearts (and our sponsorship)! Go Jets!
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Passed the sweet 500,000 customer mark
500,000 people are fuelling their business with a money-growing bank that actually cares about your success.
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Our team grew to 100 happy employees
Banksy is now a team of 100 passionate, forward-thinkers who want to help you reimagine banking!
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I nostri uffici


Our Team

Diego Dal Cero CEO & Founder - Evenfi
Diego Dal Cero
CEO & Founder
Entrepreneur and founder of several companies in the IT sector, with experience in Spain, Chile and Italy. Master in Marketing and Strategic Marketing Management from ESIC.
Federico Shaw CFO - Evenfi
Federico Shaw
14 years experienced in fixed income: lending, syndication, derivati, bonds, structured notes, funds; investment banking. Degree in Economics.
Marco Nigris Country Manager Spain & Portugal
Marco Nigris
Head of Product
Entrepreneur with experience in various sectors. Technological background and business mindset. Passionate about making unprecedented things happen.
Matteo Rossi Head of Marketing
Matteo Rossi
Head of Marketing
With a biotechnology background, he is passionate about technology and blockchain and has been involved in business strategy and marketing projects for the PMI.
Franca Borga Business Analyst
Franca Borga
Business Analyst
Doctor of Economics, 10 years of experience in controlling and business consulting. Executive MBA Candidate.
Giuliana Spagnolo - Head of General Affairs
Giuliana Spagnolo
Head of General Affairs
Sixteen years of experience in various sectors: from communication to marketing, from planning to fundraising, from public relations to the organisation of events in the Profit and Non-Profit sectors.
Sebastiano Rossi Sales and Marketing Associate
Sebastiano Rossi
Sales and Marketing Associate
Graduated in intercultural communication and specialised in languages. He is involved in international communications and loves the mountains.
Berta Olivella-Graphic Designer
Berta Olivella
Graphic Designer
Five years of experience in various sectors, with a degree in design from the University of Barcelona.
Matteo Vallin -Co-founder and Board Member
Matteo Vallin
Co-founder and Board Member
20 years of experience as Manager in International Trading, Operations & Supply-chain. Master in Financial Management SDA Bocconi. Ultra Trailer inside.
Massimo Muzzì Advisor, Investor & Board Member
Massimo Muzzì
Advisor, Investor & Board Member
VP Business Development, over 15 years of experience, board member of several emerging companies, including unicorns. Politecnico di Milano, MBA St. Gallen.
Sebastiano Gobbo
Innovation Manager
Manager authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development to provide specialized consulting services to SMEs and business networks to support processes of technological and digital innovation, managerial and organizational modernization, and access to financial and capital markets.

Do You want to join the EvenFi team?

We are a high-performance team that is always looking for talented people to join us, please contact us.

Investors & Strategic Partners

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