Guide to the Financial Maze: Between Laws, Regulations, and Innovations of 2024

Welcome to the blog of EvenFi, the cutting-edge fintech platform specializing in the management of digital rights and regulatory compliance. Today, we focus on the latest regulatory developments in the crowdfunding sector, an area that has shown extraordinary growth throughout Europe thanks to innovative platforms like ours. EvenFi is committed to offering solutions that not only meet the financing needs of our projects but do so safely, transparently, and responsibly, in compliance with current regulations.

  • Regulation (EU) 20201503 on Crowdfunding (ECSP).   November 10, 2021, marked a turning point for crowdfunding in Europe with the enforcement of the ECSP Regulation. This regulation has standardized the rules for crowdfunding platforms operating in the European Union, introducing a series of mandatory requirements. Among these, authorization and supervision have become essential: every platform needs a formal authorization granted by the financial authority of the country in which it operates. In Italy, for example, CONSOB manages this process. From a transparency perspective, the regulation requires all platforms to make investment-related information fully accessible, detailing risks and implied costs. attention is also paid to investor protection, introducing limits on retail user investments and ensuring the suitability of investments for each non-professional customer.
  • MiF II (Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments)   The MiFID II Directive, one of the cornerstones of financial services regulation in the EU, also significantly influences crowdfunding, especially in cases of equity investments. Key objectives include increasing financial transparency and protecting investor data. Platforms therefore provide detailed and reports, clearly communicating costs and fees. Additionally, stringent rules are in place on the governance of financial products offered, ensuring that these are suitable for the investor's risk profile.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)   Another fundamental piece in European regulation impacting crowdfunding is the GDPR. This regulation emphasizes the right to privacy and the protection of personal data, requiring that platform, including EvenFi, ensures maximum security in the management of users' personal information. Consent for data processing be clearly requested and easily revocable, and users can at any time exercise their right to data deletion, or the "right to be forgotten".
  • ePrivacy Directive   Complementary to the GDPR, this directive more specifically regulates the use of cookies and other similar technologies, in addition electronic communications. Here again, consent plays a crucial role: EvenFi must obtain explicit approval from users before implementing cookies or tracking technologies.

These laws reflect EvenFi's commitment to safety, transparency, and responsibility. Strict regulatory compliance not only protects our users and investors but strengthens trust and stability in the crowdfunding sector. Maintaining constant alignment with these regulations is essential to ensure they continue to effectively support the and success of businesses and projects financed through our platform. Stay tuned to our blog for further updates and insights on how regulations continue to evolve and impact our operations.

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