An Innovative Pathway in Real Estate Investment: Discover UnicornItalia

There's an exciting innovation in the world of real estate investment: UnicornItalia, a platform that combines Angelo Abate's deep knowledge of real estate and crowdfunding markets with EvenFi's advanced technological infrastructure. This partnership has given birth to a portal that opens the doors to innovative ways of accessing the real estate market.

EvenFi's Technology Meets Angelo Abate's Experience

UnicornItalia is not just a platform; it is the result of our constant commitment to innovate and improve the way people invest in real estate. EvenFi, as the creator of the infrastructure, is not involved in project selection but provides all the technological tools to make the investment process safe, reliable and intuitive. Diego Dal Cero, CEO and Founder of EvenFi, states: "Our technology was created to empower and democratize access to real estate investments, allowing UnicornItalia to offer an optimal user experience to its investors."

Commitment to Transparency and Awareness

UnicornItalia is committed to offering an informative platform, promoting transparency and awareness of available investment opportunities. Investments in crowdfunding projects involve risks, including the possibility of losing the invested capital, and for this reason, a diversified portfolio approach is recommended.

Accessible and Participatory Investments

With an accessible entry threshold of just 500 euros, UnicornItalia invites you to enter the world of real estate investment in a participatory and aware manner. Each project presents a vision focused on ethics and sustainability, allowing investors to contribute positively to society and the environment. Angelo Abate, real estate crowdfunding specialist, adds: "UnicornItalia represents a bridge between financial innovation and social commitment and conducts research and analysis of projects within its community, using its own experience in the sector. Our mission is to create investment opportunities that allow the realization of returns while maintaining an ethical philosophy and respect for the environment."

Join the Sustainable Real Estate Revolution

Become part of the UnicornItalia community and discover meaningful real estate projects that share your values and financial goals. Visit the UnicornItalia website and start exploring the available opportunities today. We look forward to guiding you through the exciting journey of real estate investment at UnicornItalia. Thank you for your trust in EvenFi and UnicornItalia.

Discover the Unicorn Italy

UnicornItalia's Crowdfunding services are offered by EvenFi Fintech SA, a company registered as a European Crowdfunding Service Provider with the Spanish CNMV and authorized to provide services in Europe. Investing in crowdfunding projects involves risks, including the risk of partial or total loss of invested capital, and should be done with a diversified portfolio. EvenFi does not conduct a solvency analysis or a credit risk assessment on projects presented by UnicornItalia, leaving investors the responsibility to conduct in-depth analyses before investing. Furthermore, EvenFi does not monitor UnicornItalia projects, not intervening in case of delays or defaults, so any legal action or recovery must be personally undertaken by the investor.

Investments in crowdfunding projects involve risks, including the possibility of losing the invested capital, and therefore a diversified portfolio approach is recommended and a detailed analysis of each investment is advised.