CRIBIS CREDIT MANAGEMENT, a company of the Crif Group, is on our side for debt recovery and legal consultancy.

EvenFi is pleased to announce the new strategic partnership signed with CRIBIS Credit Management, a prestigious company of the CRIF Group, known as a center of excellence in the management and recovery of credits.  A new important piece that increases and consolidates efficiency and legal competence for the benefit of our users.

Evolution of Collaboration: Our collaboration with the CRIF Group started in 2021, thanks to the acceleration program managed with Golinelli Foundation, has naturally resulted in a solid and fruitful professional agreement, intended to further streamline and enhance the services EvenFi offers to the market. This agreement, our CEO Diego Dal Cero explains, "born from a strong professional esteem and a shared vision of the market, not only honors us, but today more than ever strengthens us in the quality of the product we are able to offer to our investors".

Details of the Alliance: The association between EvenFi and CRIBIS Credit Management, a company of the CRIF Group, is an important and substantial step for us in the context of debt recovery: indeed, by enhancing the value of specialized legal service, this collaboration will allow EvenFi to enrich offered competence, providing a range of optimized strategies for effective financial management.

Together, EvenFi and CRIFIS Credit Management are changing the landscape of debt recovery. Start your experience with us today and discover a new way to protect your interests.