EvenFi Dashboard Update: An Investor's Tool

Understanding your investment portfolio is essential. The Dashboard update has been developed with the objective of providing investors with a clear and comprehensive picture of their investments.

Importance of a Comprehensive View

An overview of your portfolio allows a better understanding of how each investment contributes to your overall financial strategy. The Dashboard has been designed to offer a detailed and historical insight into your investments, improving your data-driven financial decision-making capabilities.

Dashboard Features

The dashboard presents the status of your investments.

The main updates include:

  • Deposits and Withdrawals: Indication of how much has been deposited and withdrawn.
  • "Cash at Risk": The difference between the amount deposited and withdrawn, representing the actual value invested.

Monitoring Portfolio Health

The "Portfolio Health" feature allows you to view the current status of investments, taking into account reinvestments and secondary market operations.

Evolution and Feedback

This update is based on EvenFi's commitment to innovation and transparency. We are fully at your disposal for any comments or suggestions.

How are the numbers calculated?

  • Cash at Risk: Total deposited - total withdrawn.
  • Investment Income: Total earnings including interest and secondary market operations.
  • Active Investments / Total: The sum of all assets on which operations have been carried out.
  • Total Invested Amount: The sum of all investments made.
  • Residual Capital: The sum of the remaining capital of the current investments.
  • Reimbursed / Sold: The sum of the amounts of the projects reimbursed and, if any, amounts of the projects sold on the secondary market.

The percentages of the "Portfolio Health" section are related to the data shown and are calculated on the total.