Criptalia is changing its name to become EvenFi

Criptalia is changing its name becoming EvenFi: "Even" as in "to even" and "Fi" as in "Fintech." EvenFi refers specifically to the goal of contributing through innovative technologies to the democratization of the financial world. This is an ideal that we have pursued since our beginnings and that has shaped our platform into a place through which is possible to access financial services in a faster and more straightforward way.

The transition from Criptalia to EvenFi by no means indicates a simple change of clothes. On the contrary, it is motivated by some changes that will substantially impact our growth and give new life to our identity.

The first one is related to the entry into force of the new Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers. Under this new regulation, crowdfunding platforms will obtain from the competent authorities a passport to carry out their activity in all EU Member States. Furthermore, this initiative, is in sync with two milestones that enhance EvenFi's international vocation: our recent expansion in Spain and the imminent opening in Portugal.

The second change comprises our technologies and the financial products present in our Marketplace. In this next stage, we plan toupdate you on some new products. We will launch the EvenFi Mobile App that is already in an advanced phase.

All this developments will help us contribute to the growth of businesses able to positively impact the real economy.

In this sense, they will be giving a further boost to our aspiration of becoming what we have always wanted to be: "The fintech for the real economy."