EvenFi and Fidit: A strategic partnership to support SME growth and offer more guarantees to investors

The partnership between EvenFi and Fidit promises great innovations in the financial sector, offering a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the financing of SMEs, based throughout the Italian territory, with solid guarantees. In this article, we will find out how this collaboration offers important benefits for the EvenFi investor.

Partnership between EvenFi and Fidit: solid guarantees for investors

Thanks to the partnership with Fidit, a collective guarantee of exposures, EvenFi offers investors the opportunity to access exclusive projects with real guarantees. These guarantees are made possible by the monetary risk fund, managed by Fidit and granted by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), which means greater security and lower risks for investors in the EvenFi crowdlending platform.

Exclusive access to projects guaranteed by Fidit on the EvenFi platform

With this partnership, investors have access to an exclusive selection of new projects presented by Fidit on the EvenFi platform, which offers additional guarantees thanks to the monetary risk fund. This translates into greater protection for investments, reducing the risks associated with investing in SMEs and incentivising business financing.

Transparency in the choice of investments

By browsing  the EvenFi platform, investors will be able to easily identify the projects guaranteed by Fidit in a special area of the platform, benefiting from a higher level of security and reliability thanks to the collaboration between EvenFi and Fidit.

Three main benefits of the partnership between EvenFi and Fidit for investors

1. Greater investment protection: with the guarantees offered by Fidit, under this monetary fund, EvenFi investors benefit from greater protection in new exclusive projects on the platform.

2. More investment opportunities: joining forces EvenFi and Fidit, investors will have at their disposal a greater number of Italian SMEs operating in different sectors and throughout the national territory.

3. Innovation in financing: the collaboration between the fintech of crowdlending EvenFi and the Fidit guarantee trust leads to new financing solutions based on digital technologies and efficient processes.

The Risk Fund and the MISE guarantee as additional security

The Risk Fund, financed by the MISE, offers a broader and more solid guarantee to SMEs associated with Fidit, facilitating the approval of loans and reducing risks for investors. In addition, projects funded through the EvenFi platform will be closely monitored by both EvenFi and Fidit, to promptly identify potential defaults and promptly initiate recovery actions.

In conclusion, the partnership between EvenFi and Fidit provides investors with a valuable opportunity to finance SMEs throughout Italy with solid and reliable guarantees. With the support of the Mise Risk Fund, this collaboration marks a great step forward in the traditional finance and crowdlending sector, confirming EvenFi's commitment to providing innovative and secure financing solutions.

Moreover, FIDIT is not only a guarantee, but a "hub" of finance complementary to credit for entrepreneurs. It is able to provide high competence in the selection and subsequent support of guaranteed companies through monitoring and assistance in financial and treasury management. This allows you to elevate the success of funding initiatives and further lower risk.

The FIDIT guarantee procedure on EvenFi projects is summarized as follows: FIDIT

, a financial intermediary, provides a partial, autonomous guarantee in favor of associated SMEs, reducing the risks of investors financing projects through the EvenFi crowdlending platform. This guarantee covers a percentage of the risk related to the principal and interest of the loan, according to the conditions established in the agreement between FIDIT and EvenFi.

Main features of the warranty:

1. FIDIT's guarantee covers 80% of the nominal amount of each loan, both for principal and interest.

2. The guarantee shall be independent of the obligations of the financed company and other guarantees offered by the same company.

3. The loan has a variable duration starting from the date of disbursement and can be repaid early according to the terms of the loan contract.

4. In the event of non-compliance by the financed company, EvenFi will act as a delegate to request the guarantee after initiating legal actions for recovery. These actions can be initiated after the financed company has failed to pay two consecutive installments plus one month, for a total of at least three months behind in payments.

5. Within 30 days of the payment request, FIDIT will pay the amounts due directly to the MangoPay account.

6. EvenFi is required to periodically communicate to FIDIT information regarding the amount of the loan, delays in payments and amortization of installments.

7. The validity of the guarantee is subject to payment by the associated company of the amounts due to FIDIT, which EvenFi will collect on its behalf.

8. EvenFi must inform investors of the terms of the financing and guarantee issued by FIDIT.

In summary, the FIDIT guarantee represents a protection for investors who finance projects through the crowdlending platform EvenFi, covering a percentage of the risk related to the principal and interest of the loan in the event of default by the financed company.