Invest in the real economy and earn up to 12% interest rate per year

Invest in growth projects of small and medium-sized companies.
- Interest rate of up to 12% per year
- You can start investing with only €20
- There are no hidden fees
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Our investors receive 8% to 12% interest each month

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Make your savings generate income
Don't leave funds sitting in your bank, invest and earn up to 9% a year, helping the real economy
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Earn interest every month
Thanks to our technologies, you can monitor the performance of your investments and get a clear and simple overview of the interest you will receive each month.
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Don't let your savings lose value
Every year your savings lose value due to inflation. Holding funds in your account means losing purchasing power in the long run.
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Help the real economy
EvenFi funds local SMEs, which will use the funds to grow sustainably and generate job opportunities.
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Secondary Market
Thanks to the secondary market, you can buy, sell and trade the shares of the projects you have purchased easily and without any commission.
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The earnings are 100% yours
Thanks to our innovative tools there is no commission for the investor. Withdrawals, deposits, secondary market transactions and investments are completely free of charge.

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In a few steps you can register for free.
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Deposit the amount you wish to invest, by bank transfer or credit/debit card.
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Invest in selected projects

Select your next investments from the opportunities on our Marketplace.
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Earn every month

Monitor the interest you've earned on your dashboard, withdraw it or reinvest it in other projects to fuel your earnings.

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Read the Faq

Find answers to frequently asked questions from investors and companies.
How does EvenFi work?
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EvenFi is a regulated peer-to-peer crowdlending platform that connects valuable SMEs, interested in financing their growth projects, to financiers looking for excellent investment opportunities.

What funding can be accessed?
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We fund companies with a growth project from EUR 30,000 up to a maximum of EUR 5 million, with a duration ranging from 4 to 60 months. We provide companies that want to invest in a growth project with various solutions, including: The traditional loan, equity loans and bond loans.

How much does it cost to invest?
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No costs, all earnings and interest are yours. We don't charge you any commissions and no additional surprise costs. We finance ourselves through the services we offer to companies that publish their projects on the platform.

What's the minimum investment?
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The minimum investment is 20 euros on a single project. It is normally advisable to diversify your investment over several projects.

What taxes do I have to pay?
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EvenFi is a withholding agent. The taxes you will incur only refer to your actual earnings. Depending on your tax residence, we will apply the corresponding withholding tax. If your fiscal residence is in Italy, we will apply a withholding tax of 26%, which we will pay directly to the tax authorities as an advance payment. Each year, you will receive a summary of all the operations you have carried out to help you complete the 730 form independently or with the help of a professional or CAF.