"The Success of Truffle World: How Daniele Violoni turned a dream into reality thanks to EvenFi's Bridge Loan"

The “bridge loan” is a form of short-term financing of crucial importance for start-ups and small growing businesses. It gives these companies access to the financial resources they need to bridge the gap between an immediate need for capital and the arrival of higher cash flows.

Introducing this premise, we enter the heart of the story in which the world of truffles is a fascinating universe, full of intense aromas and success stories. In the midst of this panorama emerges Daniele Violoni, known as "The Lord of Truffle", the genius behind Truffle World SRL, a company that has redefined the very concept of innovation in the industry.

The story of Daniele is that of an enterprising entrepreneur, who made the big leap from franchising to truffle domination. His vision to revolutionize the truffle market with innovative and dynamic products led him to seek funding of €30,000. But, like many startups, Daniele was faced with a hurdle: where could he quickly find the funds he needed to get his project off the ground?

This is where EvenFi comes into play with its bridge loan, a lifeline for growing startups like Truffle World. Thanks to this €30,000 bridge loan, Daniele was able to bring his vision to life, anticipating crucial expenses for the company's growth before receiving the final financing from the Innovative Start-Up of the Marche.

But Truffle World's success story doesn't stop there. Wisely using every penny of the loan, Daniele and his team have developed new products, created a prototype of the Truffle Showcase and participated in prestigious fairs such as Milano Artigiano in Fiera and Tuttofood, bringing their innovation directly to the public.

This is the real secret of entrepreneurial success: combining vision and financial support. In addition, 186 investors benefited from a 10% return on investment, demonstrating the company's growth potential and the attractiveness of opportunities in the truffle sector.

But the Truffle World journey doesn't end here. The company plans to launch an exciting new project, which completes the circle of values on which it is based: innovation, excellence and training in the truffle world.


Whether you're an investor looking for promising opportunities or an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, Truffle World's success story demonstrates the power of bridge loans to catalyze startup growth. It is an encouragement to never stop dreaming and innovating, because with the right vision and the right support, any goal is achievable.


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