From Crowdlending to Financial Technology: The Story of EvenFi and EvenFi Tech

The Birth of EvenFi

Everything started with EvenFi, our crowdlending platform. We wanted to revolutionize the way SMEs access capital, making the process simpler, faster, and transparent. Thanks to European regulations and our advanced technology, we created a bridge between SMEs and funders interested in innovative projects. In a short time, we facilitated transactions for over 125 million euros and handled more than 1.6 million payments.

The Evolution towards EvenFi Tech

But our ambition did not stop there. We recognized an even bigger opportunity: to leverage our technological and regulatory infrastructure to create customized platforms for other companies. This is how EvenFi Tech was born.

EvenFi Tech: Beyond Crowdlending

EvenFi Tech offers a software as a service (SaaS), developing custom crowdfunding and lending platforms for various businesses. We have already created multiple platforms for sectors like real estate, energy, banking, and insurance. With our technology, we guarantee safety, compliance, and scalability, allowing companies to grow and innovate with confidence.

A Trustworthy Technological Partner

With EvenFi Tech, we don't just provide a technological solution; we become a strategic partner for your growth. Our mission is to support companies in achieving their financial goals, anticipating future needs, and always offering the best in technology and security.

Discover more about EvenFi Tech

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