OG Music: Financing the future of music with fractional music rights

In the constantly evolving music industry, artists are always looking for new ways to fund their careers and monetize their talent. OG Music emerges as an innovative platform that connects musicians and investors through a unique investment model based on fractional music rights.

How OG Music works: 

OG Music allows artists to sell a share of their future earnings from music royalties in exchange for shared investments from investors. This model gives artists an immediate injection of capital without having to give up control over their own music. At the same time, investors can benefit from the high return potential offered by music royalties.

The advantages of OG Music:
For artists:
  • Access to capital without giving up control of their own music
  • Ability to finance their career and reach new milestones
  • Diversification of their income sources
For investors:
  • Access to a unique and potentially profitable asset
  • Diversification of their portfolio
  • Opportunity to support emerging artists

The challenges and solutions of OG Music: 
OG Music must face some challenges to succeed, including creating a secure and reliable platform for managing fractional music rights and compliance with EU finance and investment regulations. To overcome these challenges, OG Music has partnered with EvenFi, a technology platform that provides solutions for digital rights management and regulatory compliance.

The future of OG Music:

With its innovative model and the support of expert partners, OG Music has the potential to revolutionize the way music is financed and monetized. The platform offers a beneficial solution for both artists and investors and contributes to creating a fairer and more transparent music ecosystem.

To learn more about OG Music, visit their website:

OG Music connects artists and investors by selling shares of music rights for shared funding.