Passive returns: how to earn through automatic investments

While browsing the web, you will undoubtedly have come across blog articles or YouTube videos that feature titles such as "Here's how to earn without doing anything" or "Earn online without doing anything? We explain how!".

In most cases, these are just catchy titles, i. e., titles explicitly designed to capture users' attention and induce them to click on the link of the article. Once opened, you can find yourself in front of actual fake news or vague content that says everything or nothing without ever understanding what the point is. Does this mean that it is not possible, in general, to earn online without spending time? Not really!

Fintech and Crowdlending: tools to generate passive income

As many people know, the fintech world offers several tools to generate returns that do not require spending time or, according to a terminology now quite well known, "passive income."

One of these is crowdlending, a form of financing provided by individuals to other individuals, such as Startups and Enterprises, looking for capital to support their growth. This is a financing channel spreading a lot in Europe, especially for the speed with which it can offer support to companies able to grow the territory and create employment.

However, unlike well-known crowdfunding, crowdlending is not just a way to offer economic support to specific needs. It also represents a high-tech channel to diversify one's investment portfolio, i.e., a way to earn money through extremely innovative tools!

Among these, one seems to be made for those interested in investing and generating returns but have no time to waste. It's called Auto Invest, and it's definitely one of the most popular settings for investors registered on the EvenFi platform!

How does EvenFi's Auto Invest work?

"Auto Invest" is the tool's name that allows EvenFi investors to plan ahead to manage their savings by automating and better scheduling the investments they intend to make in the projects available within the platform's Marketplace. In some ways, it's a bit like the equivalent for investors of a household appliance like the Bimby for those who don't have time to cook: a way to still get the desired results, but with less stress and more time at their disposal.

By activating this option, EvenFi users are no longer bound to wait for campaign opening hours to invest in companies' projects in the platform's Marketplace. Neither do they have to spend any more time carrying out online transactions and checking the actual presence of investment opportunities that match their preferences from time to time. In fact, this tool can automate investments, making them for us based on the selections we have expressed.

The operations necessary to activate Auto Invest are also rapid. Take a few simple steps (Login → Marketplace → Auto Invest → Activate), select your investment preferences, and set the amount you wish to invest. Finally, all you have to do is prepare your favorite drink and enjoy your returns!