Journey of Innovation and Growth: EvenFi and UnicornItalia

The collaboration between EvenFi and UnicornItalia represents a turning point in the world of real estate investment. Born from the union of EvenFi's advanced technological infrastructure and Angelo Abate's deep knowledge of the real estate market, UnicornItalia is more than a crowdfunding platform: it is a revolution in the real estate world.

The Vision of Angelo Abate
Angelo Abate, with over twenty years of experience in the real estate sector, is the beating heart of UnicornItalia. His vision and dedication have created UnicornItalia, a transparent and regulated platform, capable of offering investors innovative real estate projects. Angelo does not limit himself to selecting projects, but analyzes them rigorously and attentively along with his team. 

The Success of the First Campaign
The first project launched on UnicornItalia was a real success. The campaign exceeded expectations, raising funds well beyond the minimum target and demonstrating investors' trust in the platform. This success is establishing UnicornItalia as an emerging leader in the real estate crowdfunding sector. 

New Project: Residenza Dall'Ara by Mustang srl
We are excited to present our new investment project: Residenza Dall'Ara, managed by Mustang srl. This project represents an extraordinary opportunity for to participate in the urban regeneration of Gatteo a Mare, one of the liveliest tourist spots on the Romagna Riviera. 

The Project

Located in the heart of Gatteo a Mare, Residenza Dall'Ara will transform a former hotel building into 11 modern class A energy apartments. The properties, ranging from one-bedroom to two-bedroom units, will offer outdoor spaces, private parking, and basements. With modern finishes and advanced energy systems, these homes are perfect for permanent residents, those looking for a second home, or rental investments.

Why Invest?

1. Strategic Location: Gatteo a Mare is one of the most active tourist destinations on the Romagna Riviera, with a growing real estate demand.
2. High Energy Efficiency: The apartments will be fully electric, with heat pump systems and photovoltaic panels, ensuring low energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.
3. Track Record: The Mustang srl team has a proven track record of successful real estate projects, with particular emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Join Us!

Visit UnicornItalia and discover how to invest in Residenza Dall'Ara. Don't miss the opportunity to carefully evaluate this real estate project and contribute to the urban regeneration of Gatteo a Mare. For further details and to start your investment, visit the Documents section on UnicornItalia and access all the necessary information or click on the following link: