Crowdfunding boosts innovation in Italy

Fenix Digital Group recently opened its renovated and expanded showroom in Settimo Milanese, showcasing the latest fourth-generation SwissQprint production technologies. This success is not only the result of Fenix's professionalism and dedication but also thanks to EvenFi, the crowdlending platform that made it possible to finance Fenix with over €600,000.

EvenFi promoted four projects of Fenix Digital Group through its crowdlending campaigns, with the participation of more than 2,500 investors who believed in the project. This is a perfect example of how crowdlending platforms can support innovative businesses by offering them an alternative source of financing and promoting sustainable economic development.

Fenix Digital Group was able to realize its showroom thanks to the investment of many small investors who believed in its project. This demonstrates that crowdfunding not only offers a financing opportunity for businesses but also a way for the community to participate in the success of the businesses they believe in.

Fenix Digital Group's punctuality and dedication in realizing its project are exemplary. Its renovated and expanded showroom is an excellent example of how Italian businesses can evolve industrially, sustainably, and technology-oriented. With the support of SwissQprint and the new showroom, Fenix Digital Group brings its complete customer service to the next level on the national market. Here is a video showcasing the results:

Moreover, the new showroom in Settimo Milanese offers customers and businesses in Italy the opportunity to try SwissQprint technologies and benefit from a complete customer service. EvenFi is proud to have supported Fenix Digital Group in its expansion project and to have contributed to its success. We hope that our collaboration can continue to promote the development of innovative businesses in Italy.