1Q 2022 Statistics

Dear Investors,
During the first quarter of 2022 we have continued developing our platform by launching new type of projects, processing record payments from the projects financed, and continuing growing our community of investors and companies.

• Since launch we have financed already more than €15 million in loans through more than 160 projects to 120 companies
• More than 20 thousand investments were done by investors during the first 3 months of 2022
• €6 million have been transacted in our Secondary market giving liquidity for investors that need it
• We launched our first Venture Debt projects in Italy and Spain
• We are currently launching the Beta version of the App!

We think it's important to highlight some stats of the portfolio:

• Investors have received from companies almost €4 million in principal and 700k in interest since April 2020
• Principal repaid represents 26% of total loans originated!
• 26 projects fully repaid its principal to investors (almost 16% of projects originated)
• Net return since April 2020 for investors that participated with the same amount in all our projects is above 6% (this calculation is net of losses due to problematic loans. Depending on the problem of each project we assign a different valuation. Please see notes below the table for more information).

Having said this, we want to highlight again key rules that we think are important for investing in our type of projects: 

a) Diversify your investments! Our projects bear risk, small companies and startups do have problems. The more diversified the portfolio, the less investors will suffer from any specific problem of a company. 

b) Diversify your total investment portfolio: Diversification does not only applies to the investments in EVENFI projects but also in the whole investment portfolio of each investor.
Please understand the risk you are ready to bear and then decide how much to invest on each asset class.

c) Patience is the essence! Late payments does not mean investors have lost all their money.
As mentioned above our clients have cash flows issues and sometimes need to wait for a payment to be able to pay. Being patient and negotiating solutions is key to recover the amounts invested while keeping a good return.
We want to thank you for being part of our community and for sending your feedback. We want to become the best alternative finance investment platform and for that we need feedback from our community. Please continue to speak up!

Grazie mile!

Federico Shaw
EvenFi CFO

(*) Return (net of losses) for loans originated on each year. Valuation of recovery and delayed loans based on Criptalia internal methodology
(Defaulted loans are valued between 0 and 30%, +90 days delayed loans at 30% to 70%, Current loans with past problems 80-100%. The exact valuation depends on the situation of the Company and if the project has a guarantee)
(**) Loans originated on each year that have payment delays of more than 90 days or payment delay of more than 30 days and are problematic

*The statistics will be updated in a quarterly basis.
This information is updated until April 2022